2 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Used Forklift

Buying a new or used forklift for your company will often be a very expensive prospect, but the versatility and utility of the machine make it well worth the cost, especially if you are willing to buy a used forklift. However, there are some things that you will want to keep in mind when buying a used forklift, such as the two listed below.

Always Inspect The Forks

One of the most important aspects of any forklift is going to be the forks that actually do a large portion of the work. If the forklift appears to be in perfect cosmetic condition, but the forks themselves appear to be cracked or bent, you may want to consider moving on to a different forklift. The reason for this is that the bent of cracked forks is a very clear indicator that the previous owner of the forklift overloaded the forklift frequently. 

Not only will the bent or cracked forks a bad sign due to the fact that the forks themselves may be compromised and possibly prone to breaking, it can also mean that the engine and hydraulic parts of the forklift were also overused. This means that those components may have undue wear that will severely decrease the operational lifespan of the forklift. Now, if the forks are just slightly bent, it is not the end of the world as they can usually be straightened, but forklifts with forks that have more pronounced bending should be avoided.

Make Sure To Check The Canopy

Another important thing to check when buying a used forklift is the condition of the canopy. The canopy is the portion of the forklift that is designed to protect the operator in the event that a load manages to fall over onto the top of the forklift cab.

When you are checking the canopy, you will specifically want to check the support sections that connect the cabin to the canopy itself to ensure that they are not bent, warped, or cracked. The reason for this is that bent or cracked supports can mean that a heavy load was dropped on the cabin in the past and damaged the canopy. The reason that this should concern you is that the damaged supports may mean that the canopy will not be able to withstand another dropped load, which can put any future operators of the forklift in unnecessary danger. 

Contact a local construction equipment or forklift dealer in your area in order to take a look at any used forklifts that may be available. Before buying a used forklift, make sure that you always thoroughly inspect the forks and protective canopy for any bending, cracking, or other signs of damage.