Three Benefits Of A Bare Crane Rental For Your Organization

If you already employ a licensed crane operator, half the battle has already been won. The only other thing you need is a crane. Have you considered a bare crane rental? Bare crane rentals provide you with access to a crane without all the hassles of ownership. If you're a new business or an existing business looking to expand, consider the benefits bare rental cranes can offer you.  

Preserve Capital

A bare crane rental provides an excellent opportunity to hold on to your business's capital. A new or used crane can easily cost thousands of dollars to purchase. Whether you have the money on hand or you need to finance it, this type of investment takes away from other areas of your business where the money might be needed.

With a rental, you are only required to pay a nominal fee in comparison to the purchase price of a crane. This allows your business to build more capital and also avoid the need to take out a loan to secure the purchase.

Stress Free Repairs

Even with the skill of a licensed operator, malfunctions can and do occur with cranes. When you are the owner of the crane, repairs are solely your responsibility. From finding a certified repair technician to covering the cost of the repair, the whole process can be quite stressful.

With a bare crane rental, repairs are more stress free. From arranging the transport of the crane to a technician to covering the cost of the repair, the rental agency handles the entire process. More importantly, the rental agency will work to get a replacement crane out to you as soon as possible to prevent any productivity concerns.

Access To Equipment You Need

All cranes are not created equal. Certain cranes work better for certain jobs than others. For example, for a project being performed on uneven or rocky terrain, a rough-terrain crane is a good option. However, for other parts of the project, a tower crane might be the better option. When you work with a bare rental agency, you can get access to the equipment you need, when you need it.

Many rental agencies have access to a wide range of crane styles that allow you to switch out equipment as necessary. This isn't just a cost savings, but it can also help your business operate more efficiently.

If you already have a licensed crane operator on staff, don't overlook the benefits a bare crane rental can afford your organization.